About the Haden family of Holywell House

Family History

John Haden, Gentleman (1777-1852) took the yeoman Haden family into the gentry, as the proprietor of Holywell House and the benefactor of a legacy that lifted three of his nephews, John Haden, George Littlewood Haden and William Haden into the gentry through their eventual inheritances, and launched another, Thomas Haden, onto his travel abroad.  George Littlewood Haden, gentleman (1811-1897), took on Holywell House, where he remained as a gentleman farmer, and John Haden, Gentleman (1807-1866), took ownership of the property known as Haden's House, which was a substantial property in Swinton, having a number of tenanted properties contained within its extensive yard.  William Haden, Gentleman, purchased a small country house known as Dial House, Wadsley, in what is now Wisewood, Sheffield.

The Haden family gave name to Percival Haden Jenkinson (1887-1915), the son of John Jenkinson, Gentleman, who descended from the Haden family through both his mother and his father.

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